Crashed and burned

DANGER DANGER As if a 70 car pile up in the smoke and fog was not enough of a bad omen, my laptop died in its sleep last night.
I was nowhere near the fatal calamity that closed the interstate for 36 hours but it was a true downer. As for my files and records of running this month ... lost. And a bunch of holiday photos may be toast too.
I hate it when this happens. I will limp along on the ancient HP with no bookmarks until Lassie comes and fixes the Acer or I wipe the cobwebs off my wallet.

I have 20 to run tomorrow, then have to dig a hole in the ground under my pool deck and find the leaking pipe to stop the emptying-ness that greets me every morning.
The only bright spot is the chance to see Rich tomorrow afternoon. To do that I have to put the bones on the rack early so I can get an early start tomorrow.

Can you imagine an 8-year old bringing a revolver to school? Happened here yesterday. Where do these kids get their parents and guardians?


Just12Finish said...

Dude! I'm hoping to head to Disney by 2:00 or so. I can meet you there or meet you here in "town" on the way there. Let me know. Good luck on the 20.

21stCenturyMom said...

There was an article here lately about how some kids are being raised as 3rd generation progeny of crack heads, pimps and drug dealers. Their parents fit that profile and their grandparents fit that profile. They don't stand a chance. Tragic.

As for the laptop - I do so hate to add insult to injury but WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO???!!!! Apparently you need to be beaten with a cleated shoe to get the message - back up your hard drive, man!

I hope you get your pictures back. I hate losing pictures.

Rae said...

Oh man, I hate when the computer loses stuff. And what's wrong with kids today? I just don't get it. Good luck on your 20!

Joe said...

I've been very pleased with carbonite.com as an automatic backup, that I don't have to touch. You might take a look at it.

Hope the 20 went well!

jeanne said...

I had an external hard drive SITTING ON A SHELF, unhooked up, for a YEAR. it took my kid to set it up for me over christmas. and with apple's latest OS, it's a breeze to back up. (this commercial is approved by apple.)

I can loan her out to you, if you need.

What a bummer to lose photos. maybe someone can restore them??

how did the 20 go and did you meet richie?