Weird Things thanks to Neese

Neese tagged me about exposing my weirdness. I thought it was clearly obvious already (ask Jeanne) but I will take it down another level.

Six things...
1. I rotate the items in my wardrobe so that I am always pulling out to wear the items I wore the longest time ago. It keeps them from wearing out too fast ... or wearing out all at the same time.
2. This is new and scary. I am more familiar with the clothes and accessories in a Bloomingdales catalog than my wife. Hey, there are times when it's the only thing within reach and I read it before she does.
3. I am a geek about baseball; ever since I was really young and simulated games in our backyard using my stuffed animals as players. I memorized batting averages on baseball cards too.
4. I prefer to get lost while driving than ask for directions. It is the only way to discover the unknown.
5. I enjoy dental cleanings.
6. I would rather drop in on somebody unannounced than wait/call for an invitation. Isn't life one big dormitory?


Neese said...

#5 is a good one, I actually could of listed that one myself I feel the same... thanks for playing along, those are kinda weird :o

jeanne said...

#1 OK, that's suitably (get it? SUIT-A-BLY) weird.
#2 um..let's move on to 3 & 4, quickly!
#3 that's very manly
#4 you can hardly claim that as weird if you're of the male species! I'm tossin' it out!
#5 Argghhhhhhhhh! would rather be beaten up!
#6 i'll be careful to look thru the peephole before i answer the door. ha.

truly, you are most welcome anytime.

Runner Susan said...

I totally get #1, although I always get rid of an item when I add one. I HATE clutter. Other than that, Jeanne stole all my answers. Especially the peep-hoe one.

Runner Susan said...

that would be HOLE . . .

Darrell said...

If I can relate to at least 4 of your 6 is it really that weird?

21stCenturyMom said...

I reject your rationale for #4. You are a man and that is why you don't ask for directions. Enough with the cheap excuses!

If you want to drop in on me unexpectedly I can probably offer you a nice 58 degree starting temp for a run - as long as you are willing to get up really early.

Joe said...

I'm fully with you on #1, 3 and 5, David. We could really get going on the baseball thing, if we chose to.

Rich said...

Uh, yup, you're weird!