Boring Week so far but ...

... it's never over until it's over.

I ran 7x400s on Tuesday averaging about 1:41 per repeat. Okay for the heat.

I feel like I need a massage. I am a little out of kilter in a number of places. I booked with a guy named Hank who used to go to the world renowned Sherlene when he needed work. So I am believing he will know my language when I start talking Sherlenese to him about my muscle needs.

This morning I legged out a single to deep short ... which is to say I went out for four miles of tempo running, covered in about 34 minutes. Okay for the heat.

Tomorrow is Friday. Hello weekend.


Neese said...

ahhh massage, sounds great!
nice job on your runs, happy weekend!

Lara said...

I hope things go well with Hank. I don't want to read about you in the paper for kidnapping Sherlene, smuggling her back to FL, and holding her in your cabanna.

Joe said...

Love the baseball analogy!! Even Derek Jeter couldn't have jumped and bounced one to first to nail you at that speed!!

Great 400m repeats!!!

susie said...

New York. Good for you David. Now get that massage so you can be in tip top shape for RI. Jank's ready to take you on. And you are going to whoooosh by Jeff W.