Finally back on track

This was the first week since the middle of March that I followed my normal training routine. Ahhhhhh. It does a body good.

I did track work Tuesday morning at the tail end of about 100 people attending their first Marathonfest track workout. Talking to a veteran in the group he predicted substantial attrition by this time next week. Wooseys. I clocked three 1200 meter repeats, one of which just happened to be the second fastest at that distance in my record book. I continue to amaze myself. Really.

Today I went out late. I wanted to do six miles of tempo running but dawdled around the computer to the point that I had to settle for four miles; but I did a hard tempo mile in the middle of it and ran strong down the stretch. I could tell I was at an elevated state of internal activity (ooh, there's a turn of phrase to coin).

I realize I am working 11-12 hour days on a regular basis. It is the American way, right? Somebody tell me differently. Not you Bex. I get home for a fix-your-own dinner, a little TV or blogging and then a pillow. Up to run or not, then off to work. Amazingly, I am not overly tired (until Friday some weeks).

I wish I could work like Susan. You know ... chase a Donkey around the house, redesign my blog header, go to butt camp, annoy my sister, plan the next Kenza event, shop on line, oversee the house building and moving .... WAIT; I do not want to move again. I'll stick to what I have.

I heard Fathers Day is coming. Somebody write my boys and remind them. Thanks.

Flag Day is coming too which means it's Susie's birthday; and, if memory serves, she's taking the plunge and getting married soon too ... at the ripe young age of XX. Best wishes Susie.

There you have it.

We live and learn.


21stCenturyMom said...

100 people at the track? That is truly remarkable.

Susan is so going to kick your ass over that comment. In any case, that's no way to get a new header for your blog, my friend!

Jank said...

Work, life, running - all good.

The boys had better hook you up. Maybe a couple of pounds of Kona?

Jank said...

Oh, and 7 weeks? I'm so there.

susie said...

I have to break my silence! Thanks for the good wishes...though I think I'll just let this one slip by. Ouch. Let's make sure we get a run in with Jank. Can we fit it in on your last day?

Joe said...

Ahhh is right, David. Glad for a good week for you!

jeanne said...

hey i'm working like a maniac too, only i'm exhausted and bitter! what's your secret?!?!

David said...

I run.