Finding a tempo

It was actually cool this morning - around 70 - so I was a springing along like a rabbit first thing. Two of the nicer neighborhood wives were just starting their morning walk right outside my house at the same time. Somehow they gave me a little more motivation to start strong. I went four miles in almost 33 minutes which was most enjoyable. I was thinking as I was ran that I had a New York verve working. I practically scared one woman jogger out of her wits when I came up and passed her. That must be one of the hazards of wearing ear buds. You have no idea what's behind you.

I passed 500 miles for the year too. I hadn't ever reached that mark so soon and never before August 1.

In honor of somebody's birthday I reviewed my photo file to remember old times with her and celebrate. Let's see ... a blue turtleneck, sitting on a swing, standing on a sea wall, racing, doing a Bo Derek impression and a zillion other beach shots, chatting at Bluff Point, a calling card, long hair, short hair, feet up gazing at the pond, sitting on the bow of a boat; and so on. Happy birthday. I enjoyed the digital party.


Jank said...

Earbuds are only isolating if they're turned up too loud.

Though I do get a kick out of scaring other runners, too.

jeanne said...

lovely memories. it was 74 this morning here but it wasn't LOVELY, i can tell you. summer hath arriveth.