Totally whipped

Until today long runs have been in acceptable weather conditions. Last week it was windy and reasonably cool after the tropical storm buzzed through. Today was brutal. It was 78F and humid on the way to Park Avenue.

I was fine until around the 7th mile and I just ran out of gas. Folks waited on me but I let them go on. I turned the 10 miler into an 8.5er plus a lot of walking. That wasn't all bad as I looked through hedges and over fences to see peoples' backyards. I took an alternate street and marvelled at the funky old style Florida homes that we just do not see enough of anymore. Somebody wrote in today's paper about how all the new houses in Winter Park are house hotels: three story monstrosities that are either Spanish, French or Tudor that look down into your own backyard.

There goes the neighborhoods.

I actually was happy for the obnoxious heat. I needed a day like today to adjust and prepare myself for the conditions that will continue for another three months; time that will be spent vacationing in Rhode Island and training for (hopefully) NYC Marathon.

What I wouldn't give for a nice 58 degree day right now.......

Pool time.


Maddy said...

I ran 7 miles at Cady Way yesterday morning. It was crazy hot then too.

It's like, all of a sudden, summer snuck up behind us and kicked our butts.

Rich said...

Did you get into NYC? I didn't :-(