Long time went too fast

What the heck happened this week? Every day was a late nighter at work, followed by a short sleep and scheduled runs. There was no time to tell you how much fun I was having.

The week's over. I've finished writing scripts, press releases, and newsletters; and edited so much OPW (other people's work) that I am just plain wrung out. Someday I hope to caddy or ghost write for Jeanne. That kind of hitch cannot be as nasty as this one is sometimes.

I did 3x1200 on Tuesday and my times were all over the place. 6:11, 5:46 and 6:13. I felt terribly slow and, indeed I was. On Thursday it was a 5-miler in a slight breeze. I made it around in 42:53.

At the conclusion of the Thursday run I had reached 5,001 lifetime miles. That does not count anything I did before I turned 45 ... or 35 ... or 25 for that matter. If I average 400 miles per pair of shoes, then I've gone through a dozen already.


Anonymous said...

You have to work during the summer?!? I think you picked the wrong job. :) Congrats on the number of lifetime miles. What an accomplishment!

21stCenturyMom said...

It's a good thing you like to shop!

That is a quite a lot of miles. Congratulations on reaching that milestone.

Joe said...

I would encourage you to not sweat the interval times...you did the intervals (few do), you were on short sleep, it's hot, etc. The legs still benefited.

I'm impressed with you having the records for 5,000 miles. Very cool...good for you!!

Maddy said...

Congratulations on 5,001 miles! Not a lot of people can say that!

I wish I had started keeping track before this year.


jeanne said...

congrats on the mileage! how far around the world does that get you? (I could look it up, but my CADDY has the night off. sigh)

Ghostwrite for me?! anytime, brother, anytime.

susie said...

Sorry it was such a tough week. They happen, don't they? RI isn't far off...think salt, boats, gulls, Dave's coffee.