Fathers Day Weekend

It was a beautiful weekend. It finished on a strong upbeat.

I spent most of Saturday just kicking around, mulling in silence, strumming my six string, sitting on your mama's porch. Then I did something more useful and worked at getting the particles cleaned out of the pool. You know - less algae, more clear water. And I broke in my new Asics Kayanos just walking around in them.

Sunday I went for my Sunday morning run. Jack had a gaggle of out of towners. Indiana, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico and a few newbies. None of the usual crowd which was unusual. I ran slowly with the group for the first five miles then was left on my own for the last five. It suited me. I needed some time to remember my marathon pacing, good form, regulated breathing, etc. It was another blisering hot and humid day. Summer has arrived.

I got back in touch with my feet and ankles. I decided the shoes I was wearing are done. It's been a happy 490 miles but I could tell the right shoe is worn low on the heel because I was rolling my foot which causes some outboard discomfort and ankle tenderness. No need for any of that.

Beach!!! Fathers Day continued with a dark chocolate protein shake, fried egg over english muffin with sausage and coffee; then a drive to Playalinda Beach for the day. It was my first beach day of the year which is so unusual for me. I am typically fried to a toasty brown by now but since I started having more pre-cancerous spots popping up to deal with, I decided I only have one body and I need to baby it a few thousand more miles.

Anyway the ocean breeze was coming off shore. The water was about 80F. The barrier beach was not too crowded. Lots of surfers were out there catching some nice rides. I had plenty of fluids and a cooler of sub, watermelon and cookies.

I read the paper and finally graduated to the final stage of analysis in figuring out how to solve any Sudoku puzzle you throw at me. It took awhile but I finally understand the steps to victory. No surprise it took a day of ocean sounds to set the stage for such a breakthrough.

Happy Fathers Day all you dads! ..... Oh yeah. My boys DID remember. My Army son called to tell me he loves me and my younger one bought me a card and some aloe moisturizer which came in very handy today.


susie said...

Yay for ocean breezes....thanks for the card, David.

jeanne said...

awwww. what a lovely father's day! happy father's day from me too, even though you're not my dad, or anything.

Donald said...

80 degree ocean water?! I'm totally jealous. Ours in the Monterey Bay is about 58.

Happy Father's Day.

Michelle said...

Happy Belated Father's Day, David!

Lara said...

Sounds like a good and fine weekend, but you weren't strumming on my porch else I would've been out there with you, stompin' my feet and blowin' on my harp.

Maddy said...

Happy Father's Day! (A day late) - It sounds like it was a perfect day.

New Shoes
Nice Run
Fried Egg and Sausage Biscuit
Cooler with Rations.

The boys remembered.


Runner Susan said...

That sounds like a wonderful father's day to me!

Joe said...

490 miles ought to be enough...glad you could sense the roll and get those shoes out near the lawn mower where they belong!

Great father's day...my Army son was with me, which was even better!!