I worked the latter half of the past week to set up a run date with the two principals I met at the race last weekend. The best time turned out to be Saturday morning at 530. 530 came early afer Friday night's late-running birthday dinner party for a long-time friend. I shut my eyes at 1100 and opened them at 430. I was determined to not oversleep.
I had a half bagel with peanut butter and water on my way downtown. Sue and Patty were there and not necessarily more than that. It was early.
We started out with Sue leading the way on their usual route. It covered a lot of roads I have run but in slightly different sequences so, in one sense, it was new. We slipped through the gate at a local botanical garden and ran a shortcut through to a nearby neighborhood. When we had almost reached the six mile mark we stopped for some Gatorade I had stashed behind a wall near my house (always trying to display some sense of anticipation and consideration). Opting to go the longer leg of two options back to downtown, I led the way east and around Lake Virginia. We finished up at just shy of 9.5 miles. Sue and I felt like we could have gone for more. Patty's back was hurting a little.

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Dawn - Pink Chick said...

nice run and smart stashing gatorade.