Roller coaster

Just when David was getting his groove back he woke up yesterday with the same degree of sick symptoms he complained about a week ago. We are in regression. Things are so disturbing that they cannot even write in first person, in fear of one committing self-inflicted harm upon one's self. The doctor has now prescribed an inhaler. No rush like that since college. Wait. Ignore that last comment. He's obviously delusional.


Susan said...

Dear Delusional & Distrubed David,

Roller coasters are fun and thrilling and are not intended to promote regression. I have sincere hopes that you are not self-diagnosing over the phone and that you have actually made it into a physician's office.

Seriously concerned and bored with no job, Susan

p.s. How many refills do you have on that inhaler?

susie said...

david, david, david. susan is right. delusional or no, take this seriously. we, the susan twins, hope you feel better soon.

David said...

After two comments from the Susans it is fitting to tell the rest of you that I live on Lake Sue Avenue. Coincidence? No. I think not.
Oh, now my left eye is bloodshot. Somebody shoot me.

april anne said...

Get well soon David!

jeanne said...

Please go see a real doctor! I don't like the sound of this. Not at all.
Listen to the sound of Susans!!

Bex said...

Holy moly. That's it - bed rest until you're better! BTW, I finally posted my running skirt photos.