Phoned in sick.

Yup. I'm sick today. Phoned it in. Now, it's 84F out there with the sun shining. Mrs. T is off to work. Son C is at school. Pool looks good. Read the paper. I think I'll just relax and do some thinking.
The week from hell ended yesterday with the conclusion of our big event that took all manner of scrambling with 20 different people to get their material and presentations together, follow through on all the event arrangements and make it happen. It was a success by many measures; not so in others, but it's over and I'm worn out.
I woke up at 430 Thursday morning fretting over details I had already taken care of the night before. I decided the best thing I could do besides roll around in bed was get up and run so I popped out and did a quick five miles. It made me wake up, exhale some of that stress and physically pumped for the day. I cranked the 5-er in 44:30 which suited me fine. The key was to get out there, since I had skipped on Tuesday.
I have no run dates this weekend (yet) but I will try and put in a double digit mile run one day, if I feel a little better (I really am under the weather). The beach might finally beckon with its forecast 88F temps, although it is Easter weekend and the beach will be packed.


Susan said...

David, sick days are for shopping!

Really, I hope you are feeling better and the beach is therapeutic.

jeanne said...

people go to the beach on easter?? Shouldn't they all be in church? ah florida... feel better david!

21st Century Mom said...

I woke up at 1:30 tossing and turning. A run would probably have helped a lot but it was too dark.

Hope you feel better soon.

Mia Goddess said...

Glad your week is over and your event was a success...Erik claims that I get sick every vacation. It's hard to argue, what with how I've been feeling this week! Take care!