Where was I?

It has been the kind of week at work that can drive you nuts. Everybody else came back from Spring Break all fired up and rarin' to do things. I didn't take off as many days as I wanted/should have so it's been a tough week. I'm introducing training on some new spanking school-to-home telecommunications system all week, three times a day. At least I don't have to do all the training. Rollout is next week.
What did I do this week?
I ran on Tuesday morning doing some short track distances. When I added them all up, for the distance, it was at a 6:33 mile pace. With that I am amazed! In light of that success I signed up for the Winter Park Road Race (10K) on Saturday morning. It'll be my first race since the 1.29 marathon. I think I'm ready now.
I went to my second NBA game in a week, taking my telcom trainer with me. We had a good time watching the Knicks play some of the worst basketball against the hometown Magic.
I agreed to let Mark the Painter do his Michaelangelo work on my house exterior which has been sorely overdo for a few years. Now maybe the neighbors walking their dogs won't let them poop in my yard anymore. Hey, I can only hope. My dogs do it in theirs.
It's cooling off here in the Sunshine State. Highs in the upper 80s have slipped to mid 70s. Cry me a river. We may have lows in the 40s again this weekend. Brrr. Get out the woolies.


Susan said...

You're spanking your telecommunications system? Really, David! you make my licking electronic gadgets look tame.

Uncle Dylan said...

and three times a day too....

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

LOL @ Susan. You guys are pervs. I like training users, but lately I need a break from telling everyone what to do. Crazy, eh.

Have fun.

susie said...
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Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Good luck in the race, David. And no comment on the S$M electronics stuff. :)