Longest run since marathon week

Training for a race can keep you regular; as in regular appearances on the road of running. After Thursday's speed work I experienced pain in my left foot all day Friday. I evaluated the conditions that led me to hurt and the suspect is my 350 mile old Asics. I hesitated to register for the race next weekend, having planned to do so yesterday. I opted to wait for the result of today's long run.
I ran 8.7 miles in my younger Asics and at a 9:26 pace with tempo being my emphasis on the last three miles. It felt outstanding, and, as of three hours after the run (and reading the Sunday paper on the sundeck), I am still feeling the runner high with no foot pain.
I think it is time for another pair of shoes to replace the older Asics. The "dot" sale starts tomorrow at the Track Shack so I expect I'll be down there tomorrow evening looking for a bargain that fits and feels right. I wish Runner Susan was with me because she loves to shop.
Son T. left this morning to return to West Point. He comes home again in about 11 weeks, at the end of May. He'll be home for about a month before returning to West Point for summer detail at Camp Buckner. He'll enjoy the outdoors/military training.


21st Century Mom said...

Your feet is not the place to look for bargains. If you want a bargain look on-line for the model of Ascis you are wearing and get some of those. Really ... [crossing arms, tapping feet, knitting brow, using imperious tone of voice] I TOLD you shoes are the thing, non?

DO NOT BE CHEAP WITH YOUR FEET! This is a little hot button of mine - can you tell?? :-) You are pounding the hell out of them every time you go out - you need to be generous with the shoes.

I feel confident in saying your feet will thank you for this as will your knees and hips.

Rae said...

Great job with the run!! Shoes are so evil, but I have more problems with the cute non-running variety. I'm waiting for Mizuno to make some stilettos!

Enjoy the sale!! I love a good sales at the running store. Brent went ahead and bought some new Asics shoes to hold for another 100 miles because they were 20% off a few weeks ago.

Susan said...

I'm not sure what is going on with blogger right now - I've had a heck of a time getting your page to show up.

Anyhow, I bought no less than 4 pairs of shoes this week, my favorite is a bohemian wedge with these little coin things on them that jingle when i walk . . . but don't worry - I would not pick those for you. no no.

Joe said...

I'm not as clever as "Mom" above, but I ditto her comment...don't cheap your feet. The objective is a long life of running, keeping feet, knees, hips, back in shape.

Learning the hard way, I turn mine over at 350-400 miles. Always. I don't wait to hurt. They become wonderful shoes to head to the storer in...but running...only in the new ones.

Look at it this way...the govt is picking up the tab for your son's education...invest in your own shoes!!

jeff said...

pulled out a new pair of shoes today, as a matter of fact. i keep track of the mileage on my shoes and retire them around 350. but dangit if one pair, just cresting 300, is causing me shin pain when i run in them...a sure sign that it's time to use 'em for the dirt trails only.

unless you're ready to start running barefoot, take care of your dogs. don't skimp on the shoes.

Rene' said...

Just wanted to pop in and say hi, David. I just started running myself about a month ago, and I am hooked! Keep it up!

Pamalamadingdong said...

I HATE it when shoes are dead. HATE IT, they are so perfect for so long and then WHAMMO ouch. $200 please. Then you have HOARDES of the SAME PAIRS of shoes in your closet. And you have to start numbering them so you know what's good and what's not good. And since they're about $200 a pop you cannot throw them out. you can walk in them! you can garden in them! you can build a SHOE castle you have so freaking many of them!
I'm sorry is that just me?