Mrs. T was in a less than pleasant mood yesterday when I came home from my race so I did the best possible thing after writing up my race recap. I went shopping. It was the last day of the 20+% off sale at Track Shack and I had a buzz from the race and wanted some new stuff. I'd been to the shop twice last week but hadn't bought a thing.

I spent 2-1/2 hours at the store and had such a good time. The place was packed too. I found a sleeveless top in navy and white. Then I tried on about eight pairs of shoes and went for a run in six of them. I tried the old Saucony Hurricanes, the new ones, the Asics Kuyano 11s and 12s, a New Balance shoe and, on the advice of Momma Hughes, I tried a stability shoe: the Asics Evolution II, in a wide. It was fine. I had it on one foot and the Kayano 12 (and its $40 higher price) on the other and settled on the new Evolution. Given my recent bout with the left ankle soreness (now relatively gone) I'll give these a 400 mile test drive.

Then I went back to the clothes racks and picked out a whole lot of stuff to try on. I monopolized the changing room for about 25 minutes before picking a khaki/black/white top and khaki bottom that went together and another sleeveless Asics top in dusty red that will go with the set bottom. Some Gu and I was ready to check out.

Retail therapy. Maybe that's what Mrs. T needed. It suited me just fine. When quizzed on the subject she declared it came down to a lack of sleep and getting unfinished frustrating work done. I know from personal experience the two are related. Today she accomplished a little bit of both.


21st Century Mom said...

Fashion Plate Running!*

I'm a little sad you didn't get the Kayano XIs because ... well... because I love them so but I'm sure the shoes you got will be great.

*(lame take off on Dead Man Walking)

jeanne said...

Glad Mrs. T enjoyed her retail therapy, watching you buy stuff! :) Personally, I find shopping to be torture. To each her own!c

Susan said...

Now where's the virtual style show the always accompanies retail therapy? I am glad you finally got new shoes.

susie said...

Yah, I'm with Susan. Pictures please.

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

I love shopping for new workout stuff. I'm amazed I almost have more workout stuff than I do everyday clothes...lol.

I'm with the rest of the ladies, where's the pictures?