Twice Again

I went for a midweek run on Wednesday, toodling around the four mile loop at tempo pace and my hip hurt and ankle was tight. Today I went six miles around the lake at super slow motion speed and nothing hurt enough to remember. What was different? I stretched extra special after the run this morning doing a few more stretches than usual to make sure all the tightness was worked out.

After my run today I went to see son C run a 1600 race at a track meet, then to some high school and collegiate crew races on the other side of town and back for son C's two mile race. He PRed that one.

Now it's off to see Coldplay. Let's hope I do not suffer the same fate as Runner Susan and have to have someone else file the show review.


Rae said...

Have a great time at the concert! You're about the 4th blogger who has been lately!

susie said...

Glad the hip and ankle are better...congrats to C, too. How was Coldplay? Terrific, I'm sure.

Joe said...

David, glad you are getting back in the swing. All the muscles/tendons/ligaments are healing. Great news. slow is OK right now!!

21st Century Mom said...

Be nice to your body! Sounds like some time in the 'slow and steady' classsroom will do wonders for you.