Two good outings

Tuesday I went out for a tempo run. I know; I said it was a speed workout but I was wrong. I did a two mile warm up, three 10-minute tempo segments and a two minute cool down. It was a decent 7.6 miles from which I have no physical ailments and covered it in 1:11.
Today I went out a little late for my speed workout at the track. It had not been since early fall that I had done so many short distance repeats. I went 1x800, 4x400, 4x200, 1x800 and 4x100 strides. I managed to average a 7:33 pace over the course of the actual repeats which is something I can be very happy with. My stamina was there. My lungs hung in. It felt outright great; and greatly needed after a stress filled spring break week. I didn't get the day off today like I planned. I am hopeful that tomorrow and the weekend will be relaxing.
Painters showed up today to do the job that's been long overdue - the exterior. If they spend five days caulking I'll be happy.
Oh yeah ... the Army moved out. They all went to their respective northern homes for a few days before returning to the Point. In a last blast cookout, we ate well. The boys did the cooking.


Susan said...

What? Is the cadet porn over? Oh well. It was good while it lasted.

Great job on the speed work, I keep putting it off.

21st Century Mom said...

After riding my bike 56 miles today I can hardly wait to start speed work or any type of running. Oh my achin' hiney.

A said...

I am sad they have left. How could you let them leave?

Congrats on the good running!