Weekend Recap

What a weekend. I was fairly busy and productive.
I did a lot of thinking and running stuff.
I signed up for two races, a 5-miler next Sunday and a 10K in November. My thinking and chores on Saturday caused me to skip a 4-mile run but I made up for it on Sunday.
I overslept and missed meeting my running group at 700 so I had a banana and just started my run from the house. I went for 10.4 miles and ran into Jack from my run group who said Tim and Chris hadn't shown up either; plus there was no chance of parking on Park Avenue Sunday morning. There was an exotic car show moving onto the avenue for the day.
When I finished my run I took a shower and took teenage son C. back to the car show. There was every maker of exotic car you could think of. I liked a Porsche but I couldn't tell you what model it was. They had Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Austin Martin, Alfa Romeo, Lambourghini, BMW, Citron, plus some vintage US cars like Corvette, Camaro, Mustang Shelby GT, etc. The people were as much fun to see as the cars. Lots of men, not many teens, lots of women who love men with money who can afford luxury cars, etc.
Sunday I was surfing the web and discovered there is an appealing marathon to run in January (29th) down in Miami so I wrote to a college friend who has agreed to put me up on Miami Beach and serve as my support staff. Now I have to adjust my training schedule.
Last night I had dead legs but still pulled off 2 sets of 1200/800/400 efforts in virtually identical times each set. That was amazing in and of itself! Mrs. T. returned from West Point last night and the plane was 90 minutes late so it was a short night and a yawny kind of day.
Tomorrow I look forward to resetting and resuming the marathon training.
Hurricane Warning. Oh yeah. There's a hurricane due to hit the state Saturday night. We expect 50 mph winds and rain. I hope Dianna, our cruise director, is not lurching and rocking in that stuff on her vacation.


Susan said...

10.4 way to go. Shopper Susan wants a Saab Convertible - did they have those at the show?

ShoreTurtle said...

10.4 miles? Way to go! Maybe I should oversleep and see if it works for me too.

susie said...

You gotta watch that thinking....but good job on the 10 miles. And that marathon sounds wonderful. Plus staying with an old friend....good stuff:)

jeanne said...

Great job on the 10.4 miles. Were you awake when you did them? :) I often wish I could sleep thru the whole thing!

Save me an alpha romero, will ya?

And whoo-hoo on the January marathon!

april anne said...

It sounds like you had a busy weekend. Great job with the 10.4!

Rae said...

Hey! I'm running the Miami Marathon in January!! I signed up a couple of weeks ago, the night before my 28th birthday. I'm so excited, nervous, excited, anxious, etc. This will be my very first marathon. My hubby will be coming along, he's undecided about whether or not he'll be doing the half or full, right now he's thinking the half. I was hoping to run into some other RBF-ers training for Miami along the way!!

Mia Goddess said...

Huh. The only time I think at all is when I'm running. :)

Is the 5 miler this Sunday, October 23? I hope so! I love the idea that we'll be running together, apart, kind of like a virtual RBF gathering!

Oldman said...

we are expecting a Cat 5 storm to hit Naples....ugh1

jeff said...

isn't it great when you nail your intervals with dead on times? that's great news, and an indication that you know your body's pacing pretty well.

just noticed the 'giga - jeff' link. haha...i'm a giga.

The Running Red Sox Fan said...

Marathon, in Miami....does it get any better than that??? Go for it!