Reset for the M

Now that I have commitments everywhere I need them in order to run my first marathon I've had to reset my training plan. Toss the half plan. Load in the long miles plan. So why did today only ask for three miles? That was like eating the appetizer and bread then leaving the table. Even the half schedule was for 4 miles. Oh well. I'll pay later.
Sunday's 5-Miler race looks like it could rival the Hartford Marathon. Hurricane Wilma (CAT 5) is due to cross the state Saturday night/Sunday morning and lash us with rain and 50 mph tropical storm winds ... unless it turns and rakes us like Charlie did in August a year ago. Yee gads. I just hope it's a roarin' good storm worth running in.
Tonight was C's last race. It was by far the best cross country race I've ever attended. It was held on a golf course which allowed me to plant myself on the clubhouse porch overlooking the course with a nice cold beer and some appetizers. It was the equivalent of "going camping" and staying at the Marriott.


susie said...

What a delightful way to watch a race. That's the reward for getting up all those mornings and making pancakes:)

Susan said...

That's certainly my kind of camping.

You'll get those long miles in later. What plan are you following for the marathon?

I'd be a little scared of Wilma right now - not sure if I'd run with her.

a.maria said...

whoa, be careful out there with that storm!

Mia Goddess said...

I'm sure you'll pay for the short runs later... hey, stay safe down there.

Rae said...

Good luck this weekend!! Hopefully Wilma will fizzle out and spare everyone from a soggy weekend. What's she thinking?? It's nearly November for pete's sake!