I Feel Badly

I feel badly for everyone who had to slog through the Hartford (Half) Marathon Rain this morning. In a show of support I passed on Nicky's dog training this morning (phew!) to take son C. to a cross country meet out in the middle of nowhere. Nowhere used to be a fairly decent county sports complex but after the rain from two tropical depressions over the last five days (that now haunt New England) the complex really is nowhere because it's a swamp. But far be it from XC organizers not to relish an opportunity to make a course difficult and times slow. (I wonder if they're related to PGA officials who make golf courses so difficult.)
Having to put in an easy three miles before tomorrow's race I took to the course myself to scout it out for the boys. My account was abbreviated insofar as I relayed the few dry spots to them and the one particularly nasty wet corner that I am sure ate a few running shoes this morning. As 4-time back-to-back state champs our coach plays games with the opponent coaches. Our #1 who finished 2nd at the Great American two weeks ago ran a JV race on Wednesday and skipped today. Coach is giving the other teams false hope. Sly guy. We finished second today. When you're #1 all that matters is the post-season which starts in two weeks.

Weight check. After all that chocolate craving and consumption, plus the lighter training schedule I managed to add a few LBs. My ultimate (lowest) weight is after a looooong training run in the heat which is at 148. This afternoon before lunch I sit fat at 155.

Now I'm off to the Disney Sports Complex to pick up my race packet and browse the expo for special deals. Susan would enjoy that if she were here. She loves shopping you know.


Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Hopefully you won't get rain for Disney, David. And think of those 7 extra pounds as all glycogen. You'll be flying high tomorrow! :)

Good luck!

Lara said...

Have a great (and dry) 10K!

susie said...

Good luck today!! I'll be thinking of you.

Rae said...

Good luck at Disney! Can't wait to read the race report!!