My how things change

It's been a wacky week. The training schedule has been off yet still successful. I raced Sunday (10K) and intended to run another five miles later in the evening but dinner was served just as I was about to go out the door ready to run. I'd probably be hospitalized if I'd not sat down for dinner, so I was down five miles to start the week.
HurricanceWilma blew through on Monday which was supposed to be a rest day. Tuesday was predicted to be cold (by FL standards) with temps in the 40s. I was not ready to swing from summer to winter without a fall segue so I went out for a Monday evening run just before the sun went down. I hate running after work but I did it twice this week. Monday's nine miles was tough and taxing. I went 2 miles at expected race pace (9:30) then dropped 30 seconds per mile for the next four miles and closed with three more at race pace, in the dark. Draining but satisfying would be my description. Niggling pains appeared in my right thigh and behind my right knee. They have since disappeared.
Tuesday I skipped running because the school board met at night.
Wednesday I almost skipped but got home in time to squeeze in an "easy" three miler. Since it had been 48 hours since my previous run I was all juiced up to go. I was about as "easy" as giga-Jeff when he runs, logging a top 10 PR over my 3-mile course.
Then this morning I braved the cold 49/50 degree temps and went out in the dark at 545 to put in 7.5 miles in 70 minutes. I beat it by 1/2 second. Overall I have to say that the last two runs have been incredibly easy to go hard and fast. I feel a confidence and strength in my legs that remind me of pre-New Haven when all was right with the world and my body. I do notice a few mechanical problems that may have to be remedied by Cherlene, my massage therapist. I think I need to schedule some monthly maintenance between now and the Miami run to make sure I can get in on the days that will matter most and keep me loose. I also realize I need to be attentive to the core strength work in my garage gym. When I let that go, everything seems to niggle me; like a vertebrae in my back that seems out of line, a potato chip neck and a lower back soreness/stiffness. At least the legs, knees and ankles are behaving.

P.S. Dianna is a potato chip addict.


Susan said...

I have to say David, I'm really impressed with your ability to write descriptively concise. I'm also impressed with your super-fast times. Do you have a secret speed coach living in your garage gym? Looks like we'll have giga-David arriving pretty soon.

jeff said...

i love turning in pr times during workouts. it get's me anxious to race. like the 10k distance. i haven't raced that in ages, but i routinely beat my pr during training. that's a very fun experience.

good luck, giga-david!

Running Chick said...

i love being associated with chips.

nice to hear that the plan is coming along.

Oldman said...

sounds like you had a great weak training!

Rae said...

Sounds like you've had a great running week!! I'm actually starting to get used to the 40 degree running jaunts now. I may have to go to the tanning bed before Miami so I don't offend the crowds!! The email they sent out this week said they're expecting over 10,000 runners, awesome!!!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

If that's cold, I'd hate to see what you say if you had to run up here in the snow..lol.

I remember running in Tampa in Feb with shorts and tank top, I was amazed at the local runners that wore long pants, long shirts, fleece vests and even gloves. I was sweating and even poured water on my shirt to cool off`...what can I say.