Disney Stats

Runners - 1,304, My Place - 199
Number in Age Group (50-54) - 51, My Place - 11
Winner time - 31:06, Age Group Winner time - 37:49, My Time 50:40 (8:09.1 pace)
My splits -
1, 7:50.0
2, 7:59.9
3, 7:54.0
4, 8:14.5
5, 8:34.2
6, 8:29.8
.2, 1:42.2


Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Gotta love being up near the front, huh? :) Nice placings and times, David. Congrats again on the PR!

brent said...

very fast, david. i like it!

Susan said...

Wow, very fast - well done!

TryAthlete said...

If I could attain your time when I'm in the age group I'd be over the moon. Well done!

susie said...

The numbers paint a pretty picture, David.

Oldman said...

congrats on your PR! some god looking splits..very fast!

Jank said...

good splits - Think the only way I'd be able to push that fast would be about the 20th time they played "It's a small world..."

DawnB said...

well done David. Again I'm sorry I missed your comment in August. Thank you for your Advice.

jeanne said...

Fantastic splits, placing, time, the whole thing!! I know I'm late with this (I don't know how I let you slip by me!)

I'm so JEALOUS!!! :)