Hard and Hot

That describes my run and the weather today. I went over to the track to run at 10K race pace for three long intervals and then at 5K pace for six short intervals. I shock myself. I am conscious of sometimes running "too fast" at my speed work and today was a day when I thought I was running at the right pace. Everything was smooth. I was not gasping. I was not losing speed on the repeats. I felt looser as each repeat went by. It was sweet.

Well the 800s were at a 7:35/mile pace and the 1200 was a 7:45 pace. The faster 200s were at a 6:26-6:42/mile pace and the 400s were 6:54 & 6:58/miles. So every one of those was at least :30/mile faster than I was aiming for. I have definitely gotten myself in a condition that amazes me. I've been running "again" for six years. I can't say I was a serious trainer although I set a few developmental PRs in 5Ks and stuff. Now that I am following a routine and a training program with an emphasis on speed work, I am just beside myself with the results. My ultimate goal is to catch Sarah in "real time" instead of in age adjusted time which just might actually happen someday. After all, she's getting older and slower :).

Oh. Yes, it is hotter than blazes (95) and the forecast is more dry weather and possible record highs. The weekend is screaming beach! I should go drown my sorrow over the cancellation of the Coldplay concert last night. I had to settle with listening to my CDs on the laptop as I blogged. That's not all a bad thing.


D said...

Awesome speed work! WE had a nice cool day today. If it wasn't raining I would've been running in it! Had to settle for the treadmill!

Running Chick said...

When I first saw the title of this post, I wondered if I had somehow stumbled across an, um, 'adult entertainment' site. Tee hee.

Speed work...I really should give that a try sometime. You are inspiring!

And sorry about Coldplay - that just stinks!

Sarah said...

Silly man...spilling your secrets! Now I'm convinced that I better start focusing on speed-work :-)

Enjoy the beach!

Jank said...

too bad about the show, but great on the speed work. In the heat no less.

Though running in the heat is somehow more cleansing...

brent said...

that is sweet. speed rules!

the weather is great in MN right now. i guess in 2 months from now we'll all be hibernating though.

Susan said...

great speedwork - it's been hot and humid this summer in texas. It seems like it might finally be cooling down - our high today will only be 92 - YAY.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Those are just amazing times, and especially for temps like that, David. When you come up north to race, its a wonder you even sweat.

And I had the same thought Dianna did about the title. Can't wait to see the Google hits for that one.

Only one way to catch Sarah - trip her. :D

jeanne said...

That is so fast it must you must have looked like a big swoosh ("What was that?" "I dunno, didn't see anything.") to anyone watching!
Um, what is speed work and should I be doing it? Or can I wait til I've been running longer than 6 months...?