New Haven 2006

New Haven 2006. If my reads are accurate the 2006 New Haven 20K will feature 16 RBFers based on the commitments made in comments around the family table. Here's who's wanting more or a first taste (of Dianna's cheese cake and the rest of the delicacies):
April Anne, Susan, Sarah, Dianna, David, Jon, Michelle, Lara and Bill return. Uptown Girl (NYC) ran this year but we didn't know it.
Danny (NY), Jack (Germany), Jeff (CA), Richard (TX), Rachel (TN) and Beth (CT) want in.
We'll take over the Modern Apizza for our pre-race carbo load! Jon - start on those truffles now!

Age Has its Privileges. Thanks to Susan who sent me a link to a time adjusting calculator based on age I determined I won the RBF race with an adjusted time of 1:31:24. Better than Sarah even!

Running Again. I couldn't help myself this morning. Despite the tropical storm feel in the air I went out for a 4-mile jog to see how the legs were faring. I took it easy and felt stupid-smile happy to be running again. When I stopped, the legs did feel pretty heavy and tired but the best sensation came about two hours later and lasted all morning. I felt so absolutely fine tuned and healthy with a spring in my step and a desire to sprint down hallways at work. It was a delayed runners high that I've had before and relish at times like this .. or any time actually.

My next race is a 10K at Disney on October 9. It's in EPCOT and concludes with a "taste of the world", international cuisine from all the pavillions. So long as the English pub is pouring pints I'll be especially happy. Tomorrow starts the speed training for the 10K distance. I can't wait.


susie said...

I hope we do gather a larger group next year. Dianna, Jon and Sarah will be mighty busy cooking! Good run there, David. I'm taking my first this morning...I'm all off schedule:)

Lara said...

Woohoo! A whole mess of RBFers!!

Mia Goddess said...

I'd like to invite myself along, too. I make an enormous and delicious apple pie, I hope that's good enough...

Running Chick said...

I admire your ability to run so soon after the race! I'm still stunned by how sore I was the past two days!

(and I think I shook The Funk off finally...thanks!)