Speedy Thursday

I worked out a plan to transition from half marathon (20K) training to 10K training to half marathon training again, through early December. The 10K race is October 9 and the OUC Half is December 3.
Thursdays are my new speed work days so yesterday, after only an easy four mile recovery run on Wednesday, I took to the track. My goal is to get my 10K pace down to 8:00 miles so that meant some hard running. I pretty much pulled it off. 1x1200 (6:00), 2x800 (4:05), 4x400 (:56) and 4x400 faster (:52).
Best of all, every part of my body feels good about the running load. I just passed my annual mileage total from last year and have four months to go! Last year was a goofy one because August and September were near busts because of Charlie, Francis and Jeanne. Now we have Ophelia dancing off my favorite beach, eroding the sand I am sure, and threatening to grow stronger. Maybe I should move to Chicago to get away from all the hurricanes.

New Haven extra time memories:
-Sarah asking the policemen whether to put money in the meters on race morning (No).
-Jon losing his cheesecake dessert and having to ask for more (I think it was the culprit was that man in the background of the picture Susan posted).
-Realizing after the race that I was on the verge of a bloody left nipple. I've never had that before. Ouch.

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susie said...

Chicago is way too cold. Great job on the speedwork. You may kick Clay out of the top spot next summer.