Runners' Weekend

Saturday started all wrong. Son C. had to be delivered to a cross country meet by 6:20 a.m. Normally - no problem: I drive. I run before the races. I watch the races.
Well, last week he complained that Mrs. T. never came to see him run so we had to factor her schedule into the morning. She was not going to go anywhere at 6:20 a.m. so I had to take him to the meet and come back. My cool morning window for running slammed shut. We arrived at the meet (with 1700 runners!) just as the varisty boys were on the course. Parking was a nightmare at the high school where the cross country meet, a volleyball tournament and softball tournament were all being held at the same time. Talk about overbooked!
We watched the finish. Our 4-time defending state champions finished 5th. Ouch. #1 was out with an achilles injury so the result was predictable. The team goal is another state championship and that's a ways off. Next week the varsity goes to the Great American, an elite team and individual meet in North Carolina.
So it's 9:00 a.m. and we have to wait until 10:30 for the JV boys to race. Mrs. T. is hot. She's complaining. It IS hot so we hole up in the shade to read the paper. I'd have been running around watching the other races but .....
At 10:00 we went back out to the course to wait and then watch the JV race at 10:30. Son C. did well. No PR but he said he felt a "runner's high" shortly after the race. That was the first time he'd ever said that so there is hope. I took a picture of him with his mom so she could point it out to him in the future that she did, in fact, attend one of his races this year.

We're home at 12:30. It's blazing hot, hazy and humid. I've got to make a decision. I wanted to do five miles today before my longer outing Sunday morning at 7:00. Go now in the brutal heat of the day or run in the evening with little recovery time before the next run?
I ran in the heat. I just took it reallllly slow like the Kenyans do. I felt fine. I felt better for having run. It ended my funk. I was going through withdrawal being off schedule. Argh.

Sunday. Back to normal. I was up at 5:30 having breakfast. Made it to Park Avenue by 6:55 and was off and running with a slew of runners today. Where'd they all come from? At the mile 4 water stop I switched groups and enjoyed a different pace and new company. All is well. I put in 7.25 miles at a good 9:10 pace.
I kept thinking about all the marathon and half-marathon runners I know who are peaking in their training as they focus on the Oct. 8-9 weekend. Hartford and Chicago come to mind. I'll be at Disney that day doing a little ol' 10K but it's all good. I hope your runs were not too hard this weekend.
Now I better go do my homework or I'll be one cranky overworked unheard from blogger this week.


Jon (was) in Michigan said...

I think when I do a run in the evening and then a run the next morning, its almost like doing two runs in one day. Good job on doing that, David. And in the heat, its the worst. Running like a Kenyan or not, the heat just kills me.

Glad your son was happy with his race. There's that runner's high thing again too. The closest I've gotten is when I see the finish line and I'm so happy to have it over that I want to cry. Oh wait. That's the runner's cry.

D said...

What a weekend for you! Glad to hear that you decided to do your run in the heat (and slow) else you may have struggled with your longer run.

Kudos to your son on his race!

Susan said...

Good job to your son. Good luck to you in Orlando - I'm envious that it's only a 10k. I want to do the Disney marathon some day.

Flatman said...

Tell your son, good job!

Sounds like a great weekend to me!

Oldman said...

like jon evening runs mess me up the next day especailly in the heat. good job get it done.

Jank said...

What fun! 1700 runners at the meet! Yipes.

I've got a love/hate thing with the heat. Mostly hate after 2 years up here again, but there's a certain satisfaction in beating it...

susie said...

C has come such a long way. He should be proud of his progress; I know you are of him. Good for you getting in that run off-schedule in the horrid heat. I would not have been so dedicated.

Run for Chocolate said...

Your weekend was almost as busy as mine. We had a huge invitational at our local high school this weekend too. I always feel like I have to run that morning or I'll be frothing at the mouth while I watch. Running is a strange addiction.

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Wow! Busy Weekend.

Mia Goddess said...

I have been a little...cranky... lately (lack of sleep does this) so I want to thank you for this line:

"I just took it reallllly slow like the Kenyans do."

which *literally* made me laugh out loud. hehe

And this one:

"Mrs. T. is hot."

also made me giggle. haha