We have a new Leader

What week is this? 30? Well #30 is the new leader for miles logged in a week this year. Holy cow. We have put in 24 miles this week for no apparent reason other than I sprung easily for a 10-miler on Sunday and didn't slow down. Today when I woke up it was early enough to push myself around the lake for six miles. It felt pretty darn good despite the heat and humidity. The time wasn't scintillating but negative splits were the end result.
The time bomb of school opening August 8 is ticking away. I'm a little nervous. Next week will be hell just because ...
All I want to do is fly back to Hartford and drive on down to the coast of RI (with Coldplay blaring) and sit on the beach. That would part 3 of Question K.


Susan said...

Wow, those are some miles, David. I'm going to try for a little over 5 this Saturday at the beach. (Sorry) I'll drink some coffee at Dave's for you when I finish.

Sarah said...

Nice work! Sounds like things are going to get pretty crazy for you...hang in there :-)