Tuckered out taper

With all the vacation planning and stressing over getting work shipshape before heading north I lost my drive on the road when running. Today I went out for a <4 mile jaunt and actually found myself slowing to a walk for 150 paces TWO times. I mean I was going 9-10 miles two weeks ago with no trouble at all. Plus my knees are starting to talk to me. They have been so good and quiet and cooperative for months and now they're yacking and complaining like Mia used to.
Well, who cares? None of you should. They're my problem and my problems simply make yours so much easier to tolerate. "At least he's not perfect anymore!" Ah, the joys of rubbernecking car wrecks.
Anyway, I have arrived in Rhode Island. I am prepared to jog/walk/run/streak/jet along the race course for Sunday's big race tomorow morning. I will go through the paces with Susan who has already been reminded of what it is we have here. Now that I am here, I look forward to finding the same pleasant place of mind that makes us who we are. I expect to see long lost friends and others I see regularly each summer. I look forward to a run with Jank next week and I definitely want to work something out to run with Dianna and maybe the other central Connecticut RBFers. How sweet it is.


Sarah said...

Good luck on Sunday! And enjoy your time in RI...it sounds like a great place to be this weekend :-)

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Good luck in the race, David, and tell those damn knees to shut the heck up! :D