Three Things

Okay. I've sat on this too long. Somebody sent it to me two months ago, I drafted my own answers and I never posted it. It's time to push it out the window. Here. Take it.

A. three physical things you like about yourself.
1) lean legs, 2) smile, 3) hands
B. three physical things you don't.
1) Feet, 2) butt, or lack thereof, 3) posture
C. three things that scare you.
1) conspiring authorities, 2) loss of health, 3) debt
D. three of your everyday essentials.
1) Reading personal email, 2) checking out my fantasy sports teams, 3) checking bloglines
E. three things you are wearing now.
1) My PR race t-shirt, 2) black Nike cotton shorts, 3) birthday suit
F. three of your favorite bands or musical artists.
1) Coldplay, 1a) Tom Petty, 2) Bryan Adams 3) U2
G. three things you want in a relationship.
1) Companionship, 2) independence, 3) Sex
H. two truths and a lie (which is a lie?).
1) I can wiggle my ears, 2) I went to seminary, 3) I manage the checkbook
I. three physical things that turn you on.
1) Toned body, 2) long blond hair, 3) that look in your eyes
J. three of your favorite hobbies.
1) Running, 2) Watching movies, 3) Blogging
K. three things you want to do really badly right now.
1) see G3 above, 2) sleep for eight hours, 3) go to the beach (in that order)
L. three careers you are considering.
1) I'm there, otherwise: 2) sports commissioner, 3) elected official
three places you want to go on vacation.
1) Block Island, 3) Shelter Harbor, 2) Watch Hill
three things you want to do before you die.
1) be debt free, 2) see my sons as well adjusted happy adults, 3) enjoy my remaining days with my true love


Flatman said...

Pretty honest answers, I'd say...

Margaret Brocki said...

Thought-provoking blog. This morning, when I read it, i smiled that Tom Petty was one of your favorites, because I went to his concert last night (Merriweather Post Pavillion)

I used to think debt scared me, but identity theft has replaced that fear.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

I'm guess you can't manage the checkbook? :)

Running Chick said...

I'm with Jon on the guess.

And...U2. Right on.

Mia Goddess said...

I like your list.

Bex said...

Love your answers - they seem very honest and on the mark. Okay, I'm with John on not being able to balance the checkbook. Are we right?!

David said...

You're right on the checkbook. I did the checkbook the first 15 years of being with Mrs. T. The stress was too high so I gave it to her to continue. I'm a better adjusted man for it. Anybody comprehend that?