Running Out

Running soothes the soul so let's get a schedule down here: Saturday will be a short 5-miler around the colony.
Sunday morning's dawn will be full of sunny skies in the 70s, perfect for the New London Sailfest 5K. Sunday aftenoon will be beach weather to die for so long as there's plenty of drinking water on hand.
Monday may be a day for sailing- that must qualify as an acceptable cross training.
Tuesday night will take me back down to Mystic for the RBF Fest at Bluff Point with Susan, Jank, Dianna and now Sarah. Woo hoo is right! I'm packing extra batteries for the camera and looking forward to seeing my 5th dimensional friends.


blockislandblog said...

Hi David,
Thought you might want to check out my blog. It's all about issues facing Block Island.
The BIB (Block Island Blogger)

Sarah said...

I'm really looking forward to Tuesday! And tons of luck on Sunday...the weather should be great :-)