No Time to Spare

Vacation is winding down far too soon. I do not look forward to going back where I live. This place is home. I will remember the last several days for many things including two good runs with friends. That doesn't usually happen for me in Florida.
Thursday I returned to Bluff Point with Susan and we ran the river route to the beach and then took the path up by the bluff and high into the woods. While only a 3.6 mile run it reminded me again how much pleasure can be had on a trail run. The running is mostly the same but the scenery makes the time and miles pass with texture, color and light play.
Saturday was my last beach day and I met up with Susan, Jeff and Karen in the sand and rock parking lot at the beach. We set out our chairs and blankets to reserve space for later then took off just as the fog lifted for a 4-mile circuit from the beach to the Shore Road to the ocean/pond breachway and along the ocean drive to the parking lot again. We managed negative splits despite the heat and humidity. When we hit a fog patch every now and then, the cool misty air was a great relief. After cooling down and a bottle of water we all dove into the ocean waves for a refreshing full body cool down.
What's next? Back to Florida tonight and higher humidity, hotter heat and horrid hurricane threats. What more could I ask for? Many new goals need to be set very soon. Wish me luck.


Susan said...

Good runs, good friends, good food, good memories. Thanks. I'll be following your training and wishing for no hurricanes.

Mia Goddess said...

I hope at least some of what you found on vacation follows you home.

Sarah said...

Sorry to see you leave our part of the country :-) Will be thinking of you and checking in frequently!

Florida Runner said...

I know what you mean about living one place, but feeling like somewhere else is home. When I was in LA, Florida remained 'home.' I'm glad to be back, and I hope you eventually find your heart and your house in the same place.