TV Finally Inspires Me

So yesterday the TV is on. I don't know who left it on Fox Sports but there for the viewing was the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon one hour show. It is rare to see a running event on TV so I watched for awhile - actually until it was over - and was so inspired that I made immediate plans to run forever this morning. I picked up some Gu at Track Shack, ate well, drank little and went to bed early. At 600 I had breakfast and by 700 I was downtown looking for the long runners.
I followed some fasties who eventually pulled away yet still within visual distance. Only one guy passed me so I was somewhere in between two running group speeds and running solo. No matter.
At the four mile Gatorade stop I had a splash and pushed on. It was about 75 degrees, sunny and humid. It was a beautiful day and all the nice homes along the shady streets had manicured green lawns and vivid colors. I tore open my Gu at 55 minutes, dissolved a few grams in my mouth and felt the strength come back into my legs after a few minutes. At the 8 mile mark I started to veer over to a park where there are water fountains and a runner came up behind me (K.) who said if I followed her another 100 yards I could stop for some Gatorade she had stowed behind a wall. Sure enough, there was a cooler sitting there and in a few minutes there were seven of us taking a break to refresh, chat about wayward football quarterbacks in Tallahassee and run on.
I took the long route back downtown to add another mile or so to the run and came in just all happy with myself. Mission accomplished.
At home I took a swim in the pool, laid out in the sun with the dogs and listened to the birds still singing at nine in the morning.


Susan said...

Well, well. I'd say that's a heck of a run. The built-in Gatorade stops are great! You'll be running a marathon yourself soon, David.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

A good run, David. Somehow the idea of stashing drinks is fun but scary too. I'd hate for devious people to mess with it.

Jank said...

Sounds like a great run - especially with catering!