Barely Alive

...that would be my 'other' laptop. It's slowing to a crawl and screams like hell when it gets warmed up. I'm dragging important files to my flash drives and bringing them over to this year-old HP that I inherited from son T. who left for West Point yeterday. He gets a brand new Dell when school starts so I've taken over his personal laptop.
Running has been hot and humid, but what a surprise that must be for everybody. It is summer after all. I thought I tore it up on Wednesday morning only to see I was plenty hot and sweaty but not very fast. I guess I'll have to wait until next week when I'm up north to appreciate how this fine thick as cream cheese Florida weather has prepared me for running in 'cooler' weather up north. Then again, they have real hills up there.
I'm as ready as a graduating senior to get the heck out of town and have a vacation. My mind needs to shut down and forget work. I know there are those of you out there who pride yourself in working to the bone and never getting away but let me say this to you, "Phtttttt. Yeah, right. Have at it." I know I'm going to be more fired up and effective after vacation. It's been a long year; a decent and good year but taxing.


Mia Goddess said...

I'm with you. I love vacations. I even love vacations where I don't go anywhere! Maybe it's because we're in education, and the nature of it is that you work SO HARD when you're working. During the school year, I feel like I work 24-7. So when my vacations roll around, I'm taking full advantage. I can't wait to lay around this summer by the pool, fanning myself and gestating!

Wil said...

Gotta love being in education when summer rolls around!

beverly said...

Vacations are essential. Enjoy every minute!

Jank said...

Yeah, um, about that cool weather up here -


It's wet.

At least this week. Next week? Who knows.

Enjoy the break