Army Run

It's been raining here since Tuesday so I've been lazy about running. I last ran on Monday and today would have been another scratch except that son T. is home from West Point Prep, has three weeks off and plans to stay in shape by running. After I fixed blueberry pancakes, bacon and coffee breakfast we went for a run during a rain lull around noon.
T's routine is to run about three miles - fast. I told him I could go fast for awhile but usually concentrate on long and easy. He said he'd be glad to push me. I said I'd be glad to help him run farther. Guess who prevailed? Youth? or maturity?
Well, I started out fast somewhat; the same way I raced last time. T. had no trouble with that pace - which had me worried he runs even faster. Oh - did I mention he did about 50 push ups for a warm up? No.
Well bottom line is that T. pushed me hard. We went four miles and I came in at one of my top dozen times for the distance. With all the rain we've had, the humidity was about 200%. I was gasping but not hurting. I am refreshed a few hours later and look forward to tomorrow's next Army run.


susie said...

Hooo-ah for sure. Either way, it's fun to run with a son, especially one who hasn't been around for a while. Enjoy his visit.

beverly said...

How awesome to run with your son! Have a great visit!

Mia Goddess said...

My dad used to race enduro motorcycle races. He was great. Number one in the country for 5 years in a row. Until this young upstart took his plate. The next year he swiped it back, and had a t-shirt made that said, "Old Age and Treachery Will Overcome Youth and Skill". Your post kind of reminded me of that!

Jank said...

4 miles fast? Wonder what his definition of "long and easy" is.