What's next?

Next involved running some more. I started with a slow test-them-out week of three runs of two, four and six miles. The six hurt after mile 5 as my left knee and right ITB talked to me. I haven't tested them since.
After my first two-miler I went to see Julie for the toxic waste dump massage. Oh, she hurt so good. I was tighter and more sore than I realized and she did me a world of good.
This week has been about tending to medical and dental maintenance that I had deferred until after the Chicago race. So far, all healthy and fit.

So what's next on the race circuit? My agent, Runner Susan, says I should run White Rock (Dallas) in eight weeks or Austin next year. She wants me to come her way for a change. I'd love to but, as I might have mentioned, Mrs. T allowed #1 son to sign up for a three week economics course in January - in Greece. Cha-ching. I have grounded my race tourism for a little while and will stick to local 5Ks and 10Ks; plus the OUC Half Marathon in December. That'll keep me working.

P.S. Go you Rays! You beat my former favorite team, the Red Sox (1967-May 2008), and now face my one-year-wonder favorite team, the Phillies (1964).


Ted said...

I heard a lot of good things about Austin Marathon via Runner's World and RBF. I just finished the book by Bart Yasso and he'd highly recommend Austin Marathon as the friendliest one!

jeanne said...

WHOA! new profile pic!!!! now that's big news!

Joe said...

Take care of the ITB...hope it calms down for you.

I like the new photo!

Sitting here with Game 1 on the radio. I'm still bummed the Cubs blew their chance....but then again, as a Cub fan, I'm used to heartbreak....

Runner Susan said...

Hey! You decapitated me from that new profile picture. The easiest thing would have been to leave my head and and just change your blog to David and Runner Susan's Adventures in Running. Geez, do I have to think of everything?

Go Austin!

David said...

1. Photo credit to Runner Susan's camera and Michael, the photographer.
2. If I put you in the profile picture I would expect equal face time on your blog.
3. If we both did that, what would people think? What about Mrs. T and Michael?

Just12Finish said...

Did you check out what races there are in Greece next January?