Chicago tidbits

My greatest reward from the race is still on my right forearm. Nike and Chicago offered race pace tattoos which went on very easily race morning. It is still on my arm and other folks' arms unless they used industrial strength tattoo remover. I am still proud to wear it even though I missed the 4:45 goal. In the heat I was happy with having been close.

My marathon photos arrived in my inbox. About 22 of them. None with Runner Susan in the frame! All were after I shed my shirt so they hide few details of of my manly frame. Right. Hey, the tan looks good. Many were taken when I knew there was a camera, hence the smile and lively step in those. The others where I did not anticipate the lens were more honest.

I loved the food I ate in Chicago. Two dinners were superb. One at 457 Rush at 45 7 Rush Street (Go figure!); and the other Mia Francesca on Clark up in Wrigleyville. On the former, I credit the awning that touted martinis and steaks. That's what Mrs. T wanted before she went in. She had chicken. I had Canadian wild salmon to die for.

On the latter, credit goes to BIL Rich for making the bold decision for all of us on where to have our pre-race carbo loading. The rigatoni was excellent. We had reservations for 5 p.m. We arrived and met Runner Susan outside. The place was locked up and we were a long way from our hotels. Right at 5 p.m. the place opened and it filled up within 10 minutes, I swear. Very popular and good pasta.

The post-race cheeseburger and pint of beer at the Millennium Park Grill under the silver bean were just fine in a great atmosphere. Nothing gourmet about it but it was a nice sunny day after a grueling morning. Anything tasted good and the company was super.

I liked the Chicago subways. I know all the Red Line stops now.

The Art Institute was very nice. I was on my feet staring at awesome art for far too long on Saturday but it was worth it. We had lunch at the cafe there too. Mrs. T loves museum galleries, cafes and gift shops. I'm good with the first two.

Runner Susan has a great hubby. Michael is very good for her and to her. We should all be happy for them, celebrating their anniversary by driving the 531 hours from Dallas to Chicago and back with his bike in their back seat. He even gives her training massages. I gave Mrs. T a quick glance when that fact was revealed. Still no chance.

If you are out of work - or close - I thought of a guaranteed job for life while I was in Chicago: exterior skyscraper window cleaner. That work never ends.

Mrs. T paid $16 a jar for "special" sea salt at Fox & Obel. She bought two. I bought a Nike running top in a very bright blue color at the expo for $55. The expo was big, well laid out and I didn't browse like I usually do. I went Friday, found commemorative race gear in all sizes, then left. We were hungry. Going to the expo on Friday is a big plus. It gets it out of the way and leaves Saturday wide open.

photos tomorrow without any double chin shots of Runner Susan.


Runner Susan said...

Nail polish remover. It's an essential travel item, David.

SCMorgan said...

Sorry I missed the whole thing...sounds like a great run and a great trip. Glad you and Mrs. T had such fun....one day I'll meet Runner Susan, too:)

Maddy said...

I would have loved to have seen you and Mrs T. - And Runner Susan while we were all in the vicinity.

Maybe I will see you around town.

It sounds like you had a fabulous time!

My hubs also made a comment about the exterior window washers. He was disappointed when we missed the window washers work on the building accross from our hotel.

I doubt I will PR at Disney because I'm running Goofy this year.

What's next on your plate?

Darrell said...

That is one, of several, jobs I would not want. Way too high for me, and no net.

Getting around major cities like DC and NYC is fun on the subway. I enjoy the pace as a change from LA's freeways.

robtherunner said...

Too bad you didn't get any good shots with Susan. Most of my race photos usually display an honest portrayal.

Run for Chocolate said...

WooHoo congratulations, David!

jeanne said...

you're such a tease making us wait til tomorrow for photos.

sounds like this was a peak experience for you. and RS. what some people won't do for a massage.

Runner Susan said...

Hey, guess what? It's 42 degrees in Chicago this morning.

Joe said...

Fun bits and pieces!! Glad you enjoyed the time.

The Red Line even goes to Wrigley Field. Which is now empty for another winter.....