My age adjusted Chicago Marathon time did not break four hours like I wish i had: 4:07:54.88 .

Barack and Hillary were at my place last Monday. Big rally right outside our school board building in front of the arena. I have pictures, just not here. It was quite huge with 40,000 or so on hand. The superintendent let district staff leave at 3 p.m. since those who were leaving needed to get out before the roads closed down. I alternated between watching it all from an eighth floor window and the street.

I ran 4.75 miles this morning at a 10 minute pace. I felt really good afterwards. I am hungry for some more miles tomorrow. I need to load in a training schedule for upcoming 5K, 10K and half marathons this fall.


Joe said...

Yeah, the B&H rally made a lot of news...interesting it was near your shop.

Glad you are clawing back!

Runner Susan said...

David, Barack and Hillary rock. I'm so glad you are in tune with them.

Go Austin. David Loves Austin.

Neese said...

just popping in to say i'm back around and i'm adding you to my bloglines again I seemed to have lost all my feeds while i was "gone".. good luck with your fall training..

robtherunner said...

I imagine that was quite the gathering with Barack and Hillary. I just filled out my ballot today.

Jank said...

's darn close to 4 hours, though!

I think I'm just ready for 4 November to be past - enough already.