Great Getaway

I haven't seen any kiddy field trips since I arrived in St. Augustine. That's a plus. It is a small scale historic enclave on its own inlet, near the beach. The tourists are light this time of year so it's quite pleasant. Mrs. T calls it a bohemian sort of place, in the vein of Key West. I must say I haven't walked by or seen so many embracing couples in the middle of an alley or looking out over the water. Must be a popular romantic destination.

I partook of the museum activities but most enjoyed going for an eight and 10-mile run yesterday and today. Each time I crossed the Bridge of Lions, ran by the renowned St. Augustine lighthouse ("allegedly" haunted), and down the quiet, secluded road into Anastasia State Park. It's a two-mile road that ends at the beach. The sand dunes are full of sea oats. The waves were rolling in. There were maybe 4-6 people as far as the eye could see as I ran along the beach for another mile. Sunrise was very cool.

I am done running "long" until this time next week. Forecast for Chicago is a race morning 46F and a high of 64F. I expect Cubs fans will still be hiding in their closets, unless the White Sox fans push them out for their own miserable off-season. Go Rays! I want to hear more cowbells!


Runner Susan said...

Does Mrs T laugh when bloggers call you David? If I were smart enough back then, I'd have come up with a cool blogger stage name. Like Simone, Gazelle or Torn Abyss, or blogs too much while drinking wine.

CewTwo said...

It has been fun following you up to the Chicago event!

Good luck! Good skill! You are ready!