Chicago Marathon weekend through the lens

Mrs. T and I enjoyed the Art Institute of Chicago

I also enjoyed a wonderful evening and meal at Mia Francesca with Runner Susan & Michael; and Rich & Katy who picked the restaurant.

I loved the pace tattoos they used in Chicago. If you ran your pace you wear it for a week as a badge of honor. If you stunk it up, you scrub like crazy to get it off.

Mrs. T's brother Rich ran his first marathon. I am sure he caught the bug and will be doing another one soon

We had beers and burgers at the outside grill underneath Cloud Gate (the bean) after the race.


Carmen said...

I'm using a pace tattoo for my upcoming marathon with the same goal time of 4:45. Let's hope I can keep it as a badge of honor!

Ted said...

Hey... where can I get the pace tattoo??? Great idea !! I should be able to use it for my upcoming Philadelphia Marathon next month.

Runner Susan said...

did the tattoo ever come off?

jeanne said...

very cool tatoo. i'd never take it off.
looks like a fine time was had by all!

Rae said...

Great pics! Those tats are so much better than paper ones that disintegrate with sweat and spilled Gatorade!

Just12Finish said...

The 26.2 bling site is still open for submissions, although I have been remiss at dialing for medals. I'll go hit up Susan next.