That's all?

I erased any soreness I had on my Saturday tune-up run of three miles. I just took it really slow and everything worked.

I skipped out early on a fun party with all my summer friends Saturday night so I could get rest and out early Sunday for my 21-miler. I was loaded with Clif Bloks and a $5 bill. I knocked out three miles around the colony then headed on my 18-mile route of two weeks ago. I reversed the route direction to make it different and upped the running intervals to two miles before a minute walk break.

The day was sunny and warming. The ocean breezes were coming from off-shore pushing the clouds up-country. I soldiered on and on and on. I stopped at the home of the party hosts for a drink from their garden hose; bought Gatorade on Bay Street in posh Watch Hill; took water at the Misquamicut state beach pavilion; and charged a water on my account at the Weekapaug Inlet. I had Clif Bloks every 5-6 miles.

The running went well. I wore my new Asics 2130s with the insole and they served me better than I expected. I averaged marathon race pace. When I popped into the house at 10:45 (after a 6:30 start) I surprised everybody who thought I'd be back more around noon time. [I am not that slow!].

Double beach. I kept moving after I cleaned up so not to cramp. I took it slow by packing my suitcase before heading to the beach. We went to Watch Hill for lunch at the cabana and some cool wave massage on my calves; then over to the colony beach to sun and say goodbye to all the gang of friends. A goodbye hug for Dad at 8 p.m. and we were on our airplane home by 9 p.m.

Of 16 vacation days, 13 were beach perfect and we didn't miss a one. My tan is good enough that if John McCain picks Charlie Crist as his running mate all I have to do is dye my hair white and I could be the next governor of Florida, although I am not about to marry some well-heeled socialite goddess.


21stCenturyMom said...

But think of how many pair of really nice running shoes a well heeled socialite Goddess could buy you? Well Heeled - get it?

robtherunner said...

That's a nice long run, and at marathon pace, even better.

Runner Susan said...

I was thinking that I would wear this really cute pink shirt with purple shorts during the marathon. Just giving you a heads up so you can start your shopping now - I was thinking pink shorts and a purple shirt for you because it would be really cute if we matched.

Darrell said...

I can't decide if I'm more impressed with the marathon paced long run or the beach perfected tan.

Joe said...

Hilarious...I have no clever comment to even hope to keep up with the others.

Glad you had a great vacation and some good runs!!

Just12Finish said...

Damn, all good things do have to end. I miss the beach already.

jeanne said...

"lunch at the cabana"
does that come with cabana boys??

well deserved after that long run. holy smokes.