I have fallen for another woman

Yes, it happened again.
I am sorry ladies.
I have found Julie.
She knows anatomy. She knows massage. She knows what to do with me like Runner Susan knows what to do with paper plates.
A friend who introduced me to massage therapist extraordinaire Sherlene (who ran off to Montana to run a B&B!) led me to a pneumatic thumbs specialist named Hank who I visited for a spell; but I didn't feel much more than sore after so many visits.
She then told me about Jan and Julie at this new place that is no more than 1.2 miles from my house (I measured it) and on my way to and from work.
They are so nice and Julie is just amazing. She had me signed up for a 90 minute return engagement even before I'd flipped over on the table Wednesday. And they have an educator discount! (Don't tell them I don't teach, please).
Julie has touch. She is funny; and she thinks I have well developed some-sorta muscles in my hips. I think I will be well tuned for Chicago now. After her session I ran a tempo run Thursday in the usual sauna conditions at a 9:30 pace which beat my last several tempos by 30 seconds per mile. I felt great. I also perspired profusely and had to put my shoes outside, since they exuded fresh evidence of their 450 miles.
So ... there I go again.


Just12Finish said...

You prefer Juicy Julie over Hammering Hank - what are you some kind of a nut case?!

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Congrats on finding Julie, but tell me (please) what does Runner Susan do with paper plates?

Runner Susan said...

ahhh, and here I was thinking it was me and my shiny hair.

BettyBetty said...

450 miles? You need to speak to my House Guest who thinks he needs new sneakers every 30 miles.

21stCenturyMom said...

According to one of my inadvertent coaches (I draft them when they are least expecting it) you need your hip flexors firing to run fast. So I hope the very Juicy Julie was commenting on your hip flexors. If not she was probably just coping a gratuitous feel (and getting paid for it - way to go Julie!!)

jeanne said...

i'm jealous.