I am ready for Beijing

Oh .... it's over?

Well I had a long training run yesterday. I watched the Olympic Men's Marathon Saturday night looking to channel some of that Ryan Hall karma that had me flying through Central Park last November. Here are the results:

Of 98 marathon racers, Ryan Hall (USA) finished 10th.
Of 1 marathon trainer yesterday, I finished 10th.

Hall had to be thinking that Nicholson Joker line, "Where does he get all those incredible toys?" when faced with the stamina those front runners put on on such a hot day.

I had hot too. Started at 6 a.m. in 75 degree warmth. By the time I finished, 4 hours, 46 minutes and 47 seconds later (three seconds longer than my NYC Marathon time), it was 95 degrees outside.

I looked like a paper airplane floating high in the sky that swoops down too close to a fire, catches, shrivels up and breaks into a million little charred ashes. That's what 23.6 miles can do to you in Florida.

On top of that, I came home thinking I could jump in the pool. Some idiot who went for a really long run left the pool valve on "waste" yesterday, to skim off the rainwater from Tropical Storm Fay, and managed to drain a good 18 inches (hundred of gallons) off the top. No wonder Mrs. T fired me from pool duties. I should have remembered.

Next stop 8 x 800 repeats tomorrow - with my first blister ever on the sole of my foot.


Runner Susan said...

Ummm, David. Did TS Fay over-hydrate you? That little airplane charred to bits scenario scares me a little.

You need to take some time off. Oh, and remind me to never run a marathon in Florida.

CewTwo said...

23.6! Fantastic! And then running again the day after?

I ran 19.48 and really needed that next day for rest!

Good training, friend! See you in Chicago!

Jank said...

Wowza. And I thought I was suffering back when the temps were in the 80s and i did double digits.

Just12Finish said...

23.6 followed by 8x800s? That's a killer schedule.

peter said...

20 degree rise during a run? Wow! Talk about Wilt! I remember a marathon I ran in February in Ohio where it raised eight degrees during the run--from zero degrees to 8 degrees four and a half hours later.

Maddy said...

Good work on the 23 miles. It was too hot for me to venture outside. I stayed in the air conditioning and ran on my treadmill. Sadly, my 20 run was cut short because of some hip torsion. A trip to the chiro on Monday and I am back in business.

Are you planning on running Miracle Miles?

robtherunner said...

Those are some brutal temps and a hell of a training run.

Thanks for the recent comments. I have another 100 around the corner in 3 weeks that I'll talk more about in the next post, probably.