Heat Week

Back in Florida.

Running. My 3x1600s on Tuesday actually felt great. It had been three weeks since I did intervals and my legs felt all tingly the rest of the day. I liked it.
After Wednesday's easy run I got up very early Thursday to do a 10-mile tempo run. That was hard, given the typical humidity (1000%) around here.
I skipped a run Saturday and ran a short 16 today at marathon pace minus 15 seconds per mile. I knew I was going too fast. I replicated my typical bad race day strategy: out too fast, running myself to the ground and staggering in at the end. Fortunately I remembered that I am not supposed to do that.
Next week when I have 23 miles I will be more conscientious.

Working. School starts Monday and that means about 185,000 people could ruin my day on a moment's notice. Not that that matters so much since Tropical Storm Fay is coming our way (maybe). The media are all aflutter questioning whether we will close schools for the first day. NO!! It's not here yet. And if and when it does, I expect a little wind and some heavy rain. The best part is that certain sub-tropical smell in the air. It is unique and quite exhilarating.

Oh ... and John McCain is dropping in town Monday to make it a perfect storm of media hyperventilation.


Runner Susan said...

Hey did I mention me running 16 miles at a 9:34 pace? I thought I'd plug it here in case Coach Ye of Little Faith was still having doubts.

Oh, and I'm not wearing pink and purple anymore. I'm indecisive at the moment.

Joe said...

Boy, back to the Real World, in a hurry.

Hope ol' Fay is just a sprinkle for you. And all the kids are happy to be back....

Darrell said...

We should start taking bets on how many times Runner Susan changes her outfit choice before the big day. I say at least 6 more, with 3 of those happening on race morning. LOL!

jeanne said...

ha ha darrell!

what is a "short 16 miles"??? Those words do not belong in the same sentence.

Can you really time your miles that precisely?? How???

anyway, well done. hope the storm is milder than the McCain.