Walter Street 4th Party

Welcome to the 9th Annual Walter Street Independence Day Street Party. The parade of athletes concluded with the lighting of the tiki torch. Then it was on to the events.
Jeanne, NOD and NOD's BF take in some of the spirited competition.

The limbo was popular. Even Jeanne tried one round through. Alas, she was smart enough to rule herself out early on.
The doggy events bordered on cruel and unusual. These poor pups were told to keep their heads out of the buckets (filled with cool drinking water) and then, after a time the whistle blew, and they were urged to bob for tennis balls. Most balls pulled out determined the winner. Most dogs just had a drink following the lead of the adults.


NOD said...

Those are some great candid pictures of us! Don't you have someone who wears flamingo gear in Winter Park? come on now...that is just how D.C. rolls :)

jeanne said...

ha ha. NOD. right. like that scene would ever play out in tony Florida!

but srsly, isn't that how everyone celebrates the fourth??!?!