Drop and give me 15

Running resumed when I got back to Florida on Friday. I did a challenging 4-mile descending progression run Friday morning; six hot and humid miles yesterday after sleeping in and letting the temps rise.

Today I woke early and started on my 15 mile scheduled run at 6:20 a.m. I knocked off 3.5 miles before reaching downtown to run with the Sunday pack. Most of them were friskier than me because they were going shorter distances I succumbed to running a mile then walking a minute throughout.

Chris joined me on the latter half of the run when the shorties dropped off. We averaged 11 minute miles for the morning which suited me, just because I was able to get it done. As the training ramps up, I expect "today's" long run to get easier and the 20-plussers to be more of a pain.


robtherunner said...

I think 20 plussers are always a pain. I suppose they make the marathon a bit more tolerable though.

Runner Susan said...

can you come to dallas and train with me on the weekends? i'm soooo slow right now and I need a pacer.

jeanne said...

at first i thought you said your "SHORTS DROPPED OFF"

that would have been a much better story!

Good job on your 15!!!

do you find the run 1 mile, walk 1 minute routine helps?

Neese said...

"shorties" that makes me laugh to think I'd be in that group, and be 6'2.

aprilanne said...

I wish we were running the Blessing of the Fleet tonight. Maybe next year?!? Have a wonderful weekend David.