Quality time with Jeanne

Jeanne and NOD and I sat in the drizzle waiting for the fireworks while sitting in front of the Iwo Jima Memorial over in Arlington Cemetery.
We were across the river from the big crowds but we could see it fine. The best part was the Metro wait was short - a relative term - afterwards.
On Tuesday night I took Jeanne to her first Washington Nationals game. They played the Arizona Diamondbacks. We saw some unusual plays including two balks followed by an argument and ejection. Neither team scored an earned run but the D-backs won 2-0.
It's a nice ballpark down by the Navy Pier in Washington. The street life outside is minimal and TV ratings are absolutely horrible. What is strange is that the Nats draw well at the gate and lots of folks where the gear: caps, shirts, etc.
Jeanne knows quite a bit about baseball for somebody who has been to very few games in her illustrious sporting life. She liked the seats and atmosphere so much that she stayed way past her bedtime.


Just12Finish said...

Looked like a nice night for a trip to the ballpark!

Rae said...

Love the pics!! It seems like you had a great trip!

Darrell said...

Who doesn't love baseball?

jeanne said...

david, you captured everything perfectly.

it was TOO MUCH FUN having you here! next time, NOD's gonna make you swordfish for dinner.