Shakin' and bakin'

I solved the economy shoe concerns. I put my "try these sample" SofSole inner soles (Athletic) in the new Asics 2130 shoes and, voila, I am a happy camper with plenty of extra cushioning. My 5-miler yesterday was slow and deliberate but there was nothing going on in my shins or ankles that gained my attention.

Today I joined Finally Running Susan and hubby D for a 3-miler in the colony. Nothing hard or extraordinary about the run other than it was an official RBF meet-up run. More to the RBF, I am leaning heavily towards a race with the Running Chick with the Orange Cap in New London on Saturday morning at the Ocean Beach/Kelley 11.6 mile free run. I expect we'll run together for a quater mile before her instincts kick in and I see her waiting for me at the finish line.

The beach has been a bakefest the last several days. Perfect weather and lots of tan line development. Son C. has a tan that only the young can acquire and us old folks envy. Dark brown and deep.

The beach had some buzz this afternoon. Four lithe ladies set up next to us, one with a baby. They were sporting two-piece bathing suits with unusual tan lines. They had good tans but evidence of shorts and sports bras tan lines. Mrs. T. remarked that one gal had the most exquisite body she had ever see on a woman, with dramatically well-toned lower abdominal muscularature. Naturally that had my attention too.

One of our group, Tom, had the closest seat to the women and so when he looked distracted and detached I went over to ask him what was on his mind. He reported that he was eavesdropping on the conversation these women were having and he said he could listen to them all day. He reported they were all world-class, professional runners who were talking about Beijing, international races, contract race obligations in Germany and elsewhere, coaching conflicts, training regimens, the foolishness of vegetarian diets, etc.

We did not turn so crass as to ask for autographs but I have to admit I played the process-of-elimination exercise in the beach parking area to guess their vehicles. I plan to run tomorrow and see if I can find their cars and figure out where they're lodging. Tom said something about one of them staying at their parents' place here in the colony.


21stCenturyMom said...

May your newly fixed up shoes allow you to keep up with them!

Runner Susan said...

Ha. I like that mom!

Keep a shakin' that head David - and horizontal not vertical! But I give you full permission to bake a tan.

Darrell said...

Sounds like you are keeping world class company over there. From the shakin, I thought maybe you'd had an earthquake (unheard of) in RI.

jeanne said...

Is this the lost boys colony? I'm SHOCKED, SHOCKED that you are paying attention to lithe tanned women with exquisitely toned bodies.

I have a suggestion: Draw straws and somebody go ask them who they are! Inquiring minds.... :)

Just12Finish said...

Nice runs you're getting in on vacation.

So what else did your sleuthing uncover?