Back to training

The buzz and recovery phase from the A1A Marathon has gone on long enough. Back to training.

For what?

Last year's adventure in the record heat wave and hills of the fluid deprived inaugural Georgia Marathon fell on the same weekend as my favorite 10K so I missed it. This year I have four more weeks to get ready.

The Winter Park Road Race falls at a great time down here. It can still be cool out. Spring bloom is everywhere. There's the Winter Park Art Festival and all the baseball spring training, Easter, College Reunion, Spring Break, etc. It's all very exciting. This year I am in.

I have been doing several recovery runs since the A1A. Two days after was for 3 miles. Saturday I went six. Sunday was seven a little faster. Tuesday was four and today was a tempo five. Next week I'll pick up the training plan for 10Ks, starting from four weeks out.

Tomorrow will be a nippy 39 degrees here. One more chance to layer up and run for all I'm worth. It'll be back in the 70s by the weekend.


Just12Finish said...

That's less than a quarter-mary for an old pro like you!

Joe said...

Glad you have a new plan...there can be a let-down, as you know, after a big, long-planned-for marathon.

Also a lot of hyphens...

39, nippy? We're having 39 tomorrow and I'm calling it a warm day!!!!!!

peter said...

Glad you're back to training. I was at the tail end of my 10K Group today, walking 2 minutes and running one with a brand new runner, overweight, struggling but motivated, and she was asking me about lifestyle changes (like I know) and I gave her the old do more and eat less routine, have to do both together or your weight yo-yos, and I told her the comment you posted once on someone's blog, Eat what's right, not what's left. I always liked that one and thought I'd tell you about it's real world use out there.

Maddy said...

I am so looking forward to the WPRR! I love the course, and the time of year. It's going to be a good one!

I am looking forward to seeing you there this year!

Welcome back from recovery and into training!