Since New Years my habits have changed. You may have noticed. I have not posted as often.

The principal reasons for not posting can be traced to my laptop crapping out and an assortment of books I wanted to read that I finally got around to reading over winter break. The pleasure of reading books and the monthly Runner's World have been a distraction.

The laptop I use now is limited in its abilities as are mine to upgrade it. I should just go out and buy a new one but I am waiting to hit the lottery first. Shoot ... I don't even IM with Runner Susan anymore because I haven't downloaded the program on the laptop.

Regardless, I am still running. In fact I'll be enjoying the ocean breezes of the Atlantic next Sunday in Ft. Lauderdale for the third annual A1A Marathon. It's the smallest marathon I will have run so that will be a different experience. I do fear the crowds of the half marathon runners getting in my way at the start but that should just keep me bridled from going out too fast. I do not expect too many spectators either. I hope towards the end of the race - when the sun is up (6 a.m. start) - there will be a few bikini-clad fans on the beach to urge me on.

I have been spending several thoughtful moments as I drift off to sleep planning my race strategy. That has to be a good thing. Maybe I won't forget when I start running.

I am also already looking forward to Chicago because of the friends who are going to run it too: Susan, Maddy and B-I-L Rich so far. Are you?

I have been way too good the last two weeks staying away from the normal adult beverage that tastes so good after a long hard day at the office. It's helped bring my weight down a little too. I sense I am heavier than ever for this marathon. I will have to do some research and check that out.

This past week: Tue-3x1600 at 8:05 pace (slow); Wed-3 miles easy; and Thu-8 miles tempo at 9:15 pace. This weekend will be a short easy run today and a hard 10 miles tomorrow. Weather is perfect with low 50s in the morning.


Susie said...

Technology. Isn't it wonderful??
Glad you are still running well. I am down to two 3-milers and one 4-miler a week. But it's working for me. Any RI dates for you yet?

Joe said...

Reading books is good. We often forget in this digitally-driven world.

enjoy your taper week...I'm excited for your news on the marathon next Sunday!

Just12Finish said...

My turn to have a beverage for you. Good luck with your final week!

Runner Susan said...

don't think i haven't noticed. i'm not sure what I'll do this week. so far the only thing on my schedule is an easy 5 mile run Tuesday.

jeanne said...

people, people, one word: APPLE!

you sound good, but if i were you, i'd stay far far away from the scale. ignorance is bliss.

and thanks for the b-day wishes!