Gorgeous day

It was ideal running weather this morning. Low 50s. Sun shining. Runners everywhere. Big crowd in my group.

My Garmin took forever to sync with the birds in the sky so the group got a half mile ahead of me right at the start. I short-cutted them at the two mile mark and caught up at the 2.75 mark. We did a perky 10-mile run at 9:16 pace.

Al this was on the heels of adopting the 10K training plan that had me go 4, 5, 6, and 6 miles over the course of the week. More run days at lower distances. Some of it was still easy recovery paces but I have the strength again to push hard. I like my resiliency after the marathon two weeks ago.

Mrs. T and I went car shopping today. We shopped the country on the Carmax site and found what we (she!) wants right here in Central Florida. A 2004 Audi A4 convertible. If they can fix the slight shimmy and the spot of sheet metal lacking paint I think it'll be mine tomorrow. West Point Cadet T is coming home for spring break in a few weeks and will be taking my (his) car back with him, now that he is finally allowed a vehicle. We may ship his motorcycle north too. That'll be one less item filling up my garage.


prefan1982 said...

You've got some impressive times on your record list. Hope they get even better.
I look forward to reading more about your progress.
I am new to the blogging thing and I would like to invite you to stop by my blog sometime when you can.


Runner Susan said...

oh all right! I'll allow the convertible only if Mrs. T takes me for a ride when I visit this summer.

Maddy said...

Mrs T. has fine taste in automobiles.

If your car goes to West Point, will you run to work?

Less miles more often almost feels like vacation, doesn't it?

Joe said...

Your recovery from the marathon sounds really good. And the 10K plan will give some good variety.

Go, Mrs. T., go!!! Great taste!!!

Darrell said...

Like the others, I do like Mrs. T's taste in automobiles.

Just12Finish said...

A convertible in Florida - why isn't that a surprise ...

jeanne said...

that is so unfair, mrs. T getting the car that so rightly and obviously belongs to me!

nice long run. tell me one day my long runs will get faster. lie if you have to, please. :)