Taper week

I did my last "long run" of 10 miles yesterday. It was perfect weather. Upper 50s. I didn't think I was going fast but it went by at 8:58 mile pace. That got me thinking (I know that can be dangerous).

I've used the FIRST training method for the last four marathons I have done. The pace for my runs over the last four weeks seemed especially fast by comparison so I had to check it out.
  1. My last 10 miler was 50 seconds a mile faster than the last two.
  2. My last 15 miler was 35 seconds a mile faster than my next best one.
  3. My last 20 miler was second only to training for Georgia this time a year ago, by 45 sec/mile.
  4. My next to last 15 miler was 20 seconds/mile faster than the best of the previous trainings.
I think I am ready to kick some South Florida sand. I will be running solo. No pals or friends. Mrs. T will be there but on her own. If she's smart she goes to the mall while we're all out there running. That's okay. I am ready to run one on my own.

I have new Kayanos (XIII) to wear with 20 miles broken into them. I am good to go.

Good luck to Runner Susan on Part Two of the Crazy-thon. May her blisters disappear and the route be all downhill in Austin.


Runner Susan said...

thanks david, you better call me the minute you finish . . . but wait till mine is over, you know how lovely I am answering the phone on the marathon course. - i start at 7 CT -

Neese said...

I think there's something to that FIRST program. Best wishes on Sunday! :o)

Angelinque said...

Nothing beats running 10 miles. It's like "orgasm" :P

jeanne said...

angelinque, you obviously know something i don't!!!

you are ready. you are so ready. let your preparation meet your opportunity (or whatever the heck that saying is).

Sounds like there IS something to that FIRST program!


robtherunner said...

It sounds like you're ready to go. Can't wait to hear the details.

Maddy said...

Good Luck in Ft. Lauderdale!

You are so ready to set a new PR!

Jank said...

Enjoy the race!

Joe said...

You're set...let it flow. Looking forward to the report!!!

Rae said...

Good luck!!! Have a great race!

21stCenturyMom said...

I think the FIRST program is great if you start at the beginning and use it the whole way through.

Good luck on your race!

peter said...

Good luck! You've certainly been conscientious, now go collect the reward.